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Carl H. Davis, Sr. - legendary producer and record label owner passed away, August 12, 2012. He will be missed. We are grateful for his contributions to music and the "Chi Sound"!


 Mr. Davis, a former mainstay on the National and Chicago Music scene, was instrumental in the careers of some of Chicago’s most renowned artist which include:

Gene Chandler (aka The Duke of Earl), Walter Jackson, Major Lance, The Opals (Chicago”s own Dream Girls), Otis, Leaville, Jackie Wilson (aka Mr. Dynamite), Chi-lites, Lost Generation, Barbara Acklin, Tyrone Davis,  Kenny Edmonds (aka Baby Face) and The Mighty Dells just to name a few.


 Mr. Davis has been responsible for a number of artists obtaining gold records through his unequaled quality in his production, hearing ability and his expertise relating to an artist on how a story should be told.  Mr. Davis said a song is just a story and your audience must be able to believe the story before they buy your song. Artists of today has used the production work of Mr. Davis to make # 1 selling records across the world such as Mc Hammer (Have You Seen Her), Paul Davis (Oh Girl), Boy George (To Good To Be Forgotten), Beyonce (Crazy in Love), Jay Z(December 7), Common (Never Had It So Good), Fantasia (Baby Mama), Paul Walls, (Oh Girl), Sunshine Anderson (I Wanna Pay You Back), Tara (Crazy in Love), Jaheim (Sly Slick & The Wicked) and Richkiddz (Have You Seen Her, Peace and On My Way) and C-Dot one of Chi-Sound Records Recording Artists (Hott On A Thing) .


 In his new venture Mr. Davis has located some of the most exciting new Artist from Chicago and other parts of the country.  Carl’s new Artist cross many of the musical genre offering you the buying public, Jazz featuring Gregory Bibbs, Hip-Hop featuring Kosha a Chicago native with a very refreshing sound and then there is C-Dot a native of LockPort NY and to finish this refreshed new label we have Chicago’s own Antone who voice sound like the late great love poet himself Mr. Barry White has taking Chicago by storm just ask Stella Foster from the Chicago Sun Times,  Art Norman of NBC 5 or Ken Bedford of Chicago’s of Channel 7 ABC Ladies and Gentlemen I give you The New Chi Sound Records presented by Mr. Carl H. Davis.

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